” It also has Persian roots, where it means “princess” or “empress.

Myra Name Meaning in Sanskrit – Beloved, Favorable, Admirable.

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. However, in Russian, it means God-like. In Sanskrit, it means "ocean", "sea", "limit.

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Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary. . It also means Lord of the Winds in Hindu mythology.


" In the various Slavic languages, it means "peace" and is often used as part of a longer name, such as Miroslava (masculine form: Miroslav) or Sławomira (masculine form: Slawomir).

Popularity: 959.

Mira name origin is Hindi. In the book “A Suitable Boy” by Vikram Seth, Mira is the name of a character who is a singer.

. In Sanskrit, Mira means “ocean” or “sea.

It is also a name of a famous Hindu saint, poet, and devotee of Krishna named Mirabai, who lived in the 16th century.
In the Romance languages, it is related to the Latin words for.

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2) Milā (मिला) also relates to the Sanskrit word: Mlai.

What does Meera mean? Meera Origin and Meaning The name Meera is a girl’s name meaning “prosperous”. Arabic meaning of the name Myra for a girl : Aristocratic Lady; Hebrew meaning of the name Myra for a girl : Seadew; Biblical meaning of the name Myra for a girl : I flow, pour out, weep; Sanskrit meaning of the name Myra for a girl : Beloved, Favorable, Admirable. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page.

[Sanskrit to German] Mira in German. Mira was also the name of Mirabai, a poet-saint who composed songs in praise of Lord Krishna. Misha is a mix of Shahid Kapoor and Mira's name. Mira is a feminine name that derives from many origins and bears an. ”.

Origin: Latin.

What does Mira mean? Originated from Latin, Sanskrit, Old Slavic, Slavonic and Hebrew, Prevalent and Ceaseless Mira means " Admirable, Aristrocratic Lady, Wonderful, Peace or Lord Krishnas Devotee " and is aimed at both sexes is prevalently used in Sanskrit, Assamese, Marathi, Kannada, Hindi, Indian, Arabic, Tamil, Malayalam, Slavic, Oriya. Mira is a name that has various meanings and origins.


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See Lucky Number 5 Meaning Usage Indian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Polish Mira Meaning Means "sea, ocean" in Sanskrit.

प्रिय, अनुकूल, प्रशंसनीय.