In physical terms, the trait rationality / irrationality is manifested through the muscle tone of a person, that is, the relaxation / tightness of their body and organs.

Ascending. Socionics test to determine the type of personality.

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The rational type is always more tense in the body than the irrational type.

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The Reinin Traits.


The main difference is that the Original Socionics Test is about half the length of the Extended Socionics Test, and the. Pick one or two options:.

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Shortened online form of V.

Symmetric - Traits can be divided evenly in half by other related dichotomies.


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The 16 types can be divided into small groups:. <span class=" fc-falcon">Sociotype and cognitive function test. Shows 20 small groups, 15+4 dichotomies, Jungian type, relations, temperament. Talanov inventory for socionics type detection The test is anonymous and does not require entering any of your personal data. Sociotype and cognitive function test.


class=" fc-falcon">Socionics Type Test. class=" fc-falcon">Beta-Test Shortened online form of V.

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